Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Halloween Snacks

We had some yummy and adorably spooky Halloween snacks!

We had the Vomiting hummus pumpkin (see post HERE) and the Pig in a blanket mummies (see post HERE) again.  Then we also had Cheese straw witch fingers, Mummy brownies, and Monster sugar cookies!

For the Cheese straw witch fingers, I made my usual cheese straw recipe (see post HERE) and simply added sliced almonds before baking.  Yum!

For the Mummy brownies, I made my usual boxed brownie recipe (shhh!)  Once the brownies cooled, I cut them into squares and placed them on cooling racks with wax paper underneath.  I melted white chocolate in the microwave and used a knife to drizzle/shake the chocolate over the brownies.  Then, I quickly added small eyes.  Cute!

 For the Monster sugar cookies, I cooked place-and-bake sugar cookies (I'm revealing all my secrets!  But, the kids don't care I promise!  The tip to any place-and-bake cookies is to not overcook them.)  I added tinted white icing in between 2 cookies.  For the ones on the top, I added mini marshmallows in between the 2 cookies for teeth, added more icing on top, and then added a large marshmallow to the top for an eye.  I added the eyeball with a black edible marker. Adorable monsters!

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