Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter Banners

I love banners!  Or, at least, I seem to be making them lately for every occasion!  So, here are 2 Easter banners I made.  The Easter Bunny one is SO easy and I love the way they both turned out!

Easter Bunny Banner:
This idea came from She's Kinda Crafty and I just followed all of her directions!  It's so cute!

Risen Banner:
This banner was more time consuming but turned out so pretty!  I used my Silhouette to cut 7 banner pieces out of white cardstock (using Lori Whitlock's "happy birthday banner 2").  Then, I added a cross shape to the first and last banner pieces and the letters R, I, S, E, N to the middle five banner pieces (using Elephant font) and cut all of these out of white cardstock as well (so, you'll have a top and a bottom for each of the 7 banner pieces).  Then, I used the same scrapbook papers I used for the Easter Bunny banner to make strips of paper.  For each banner piece, I traced the cross or letter onto the bottom banner piece.

Then, I put glue on the whole traced cross or letter and randomly glued down strips of the scrapbook paper.

The next step was the glue the top banner piece onto the bottom banner piece.  I then laminate each banner piece and cut them out.  Lastly, I put the banner together on a blue ribbon.  So pretty!

Friday, March 28, 2014

St Patrick's Day Pudding

I whipped up a quick dessert for my kids to celebrate St Patrick's Day.  It's simply instant white chocolate pudding prepared and colored with green food coloring.  I put green sprinkles on the top and green m&m's in the shape of a 4 leaf clover.  They loved it!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Valentine's Gift for Hubby

My husband has been traveling a lot lately, so I made this snack basket for him for Valentine's Day.  I got most of the tags from eighteen25 HERE but then had to create a few of my own for my husband's other favorites (sunflower seeds, beef jerky, & spearmint gum).  You can download my labels HERE.  A silly & sweet gift for the hubby!

Valentine's Boxes

Both of my kids had to make boxes for their class Valentine's this year.  My third grader was supposed to do his best making a box that represented his favorite book.  My kindergartener was just supposed to make a simple box but wanted to go all out once he saw his brother's box!

My third grader made a Harry Potter Valentine's box (with lots of help from my Silhouette!).  He covered a round cake board in green wrapping paper.  Then, he covered a cereal box and 2 paper towel rolls in aluminum foil and attached them to the green cake board.  Next, he attached the shapes I had cut with my Silhouette (door, windows, flags, banners, cones, & castle top).  Then, he colored characters from the book, cut them out, and glued them onto the box.  Lastly, he drew a train track around the green cake board & glued down the "Hogwarts Express" train.  It turned out really awesome!  He loved it!

My kindergartener wanted a hunting themed Valentine's box (because that goes together SO well!)  I wrapped a shoe box in green wrapping paper.  Then, he attached his name and the deer with footprints shapes that I had cut out of camouflage paper on my Silhouette.  Next, he colored some hunting coloring pages for the sides, cut them out, & glued them on.  He also went on a nature hike and found sticks, rocks, & leaves that we glued to his box.  He was so proud of his box and couldn't wait to show it off!

Valentine's Day Party

This is what we did in my third grader's class for Valentine's this year.  For food, we did ice cream sundaes with chocolate, vanilla, and birthday cake ice cream plus lots of toppings!  (sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, cherries, crushed Oreos, m&m's, whipped cream, & marshmallows)  Don't forget bowls, spoons, napkins, and drinks!

For activities, we played 2 games, the kids exchanged Valentine's cards, and the teacher handed out awards for everyone's Valentine's boxes!  It was fun!

The two games we played were Valentine's Bingo and Heart Walk.  I printed the Valentine's Bingo cards from HERE and used conversation hearts as markers.  The Heart Walk was like a cake walk but on hearts!  I cut big hearts & small hearts from many different pink/red/black/Valentine's scrapbook papers using my Silhouette.  I also laminated them so I could use them again next year!  I used masking tape to tape the big hearts to the floor in a circle.  The kids all stood on a heart and walked around in the circle until I told them to stop and made sure they were all standing on 1 big heart.  I then drew a small heart from a bag and the child standing on the heart with the same design was "out".  The child would pull their heart up from the circle and give it to me and I would give them a prize!  We did this over and over again until we were left with just a couple of hearts and a couple of kids.  When I pulled the last small heart, that child was "out" and the last child standing was the winner!  For the prize, I gave them all regular size Hershey bars that were wrapped in these adorable wrappers from It's Written on the Walls Etsy shop.  The winner got a giant Hershey bar wrapped in a cute wrapper too!  They had a lot of fun playing the game and cheering for their friends to win the giant candy bar!

In addition, I made a little Valentine's treat for our teachers and administration.  These cookies were really easy to make and so yummy!  You can find the recipe HERE.  I got the tins at Walmart and attached a tag to the top.  You can download the tags HERE (I left room at the bottom to sign your name).  Happy Valentine's Day!

Teacher Luncheon & Food Drive

Our elementary school does a luncheon for teachers and staff as part of Teacher Appreciation Week / Acts of Kindness Week.  HERE is a post about what we do all week from last year.  We did basically the same thing this year except we did a food drive for BackPack Buddies instead of a coat drive.  BackPack Buddies is a program in our county that provides healthy and easy-to-open food for needy children over the weekend when they otherwise might not have food to eat.  It's such a great program and benefits over 500 children in our county schools!  We had a very successful food drive and it was so rewarding to help fill up their pantry!  Here are the collection boxes I made for the drive:

We had the luncheon catered by an awesome local restaurant and had chicken salad sandwiches, club sandwiches, pasta salad, broccoli salad, chips, & brownies.  For the decorations, I used all pink tablecloths, pink tissue paper balls & pink lantern balls hung from the ceiling, 2 orchids in pink pots (that I gave to teachers afterwards), & a pink "Thank You" banner I made with my Silhouette.  It was a great week!  Thanks to all our teachers and staff!  We appreciate how hard you work for our kids!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Bible Verses

We have run through most of the Bible verses from my first post (see HERE), so I wanted to create some new ones for the new year!  I once did a Bible study on the characteristics of God and loved it!  It was Behold Your God by Myrna Alexander and I really started to think about God differently after this study.  So, I made some Bible verses to put in my home that remind me about the wonderful qualities of God listed in the Bible.  You can download them, print them out, cut around the edges, & put in a 5x7" frame.  There are enough for one a month for 2 years.  Enjoy!

Click to download God Verses 1 & 2 - Holy & Love
Click to download God Verses 3 & 4 - Refuge & Generous
Click to download God Verses 5 & 6 - Supreme & Compassionate
Click to download God Verses 7 & 8 - Powerful & Near
Click to download God Verses 9 & 10 - Rock & All-knowing
Click to download God Verses 11 & 12 - Good & Mighty
Click to download God Verses 13 & 14 - Unchanging & Directing
Click to download God Verses 15 & 16 - Faithful & Merciful
Click to download God Verses 17 & 18 - Great & Just
Click to download God Verses 19 & 20 - Forgiving & Everywhere
Click to download God Verses 21 & 22 - Wise & Everlasting
Click to download God Verses 23 & 24 - Strong & With us