Sunday, September 28, 2014

Painter's Tape Artwork

I've been updating my Art Wall (see post) and needed some more art for my 6 year old son.  We decided to make this simple painter's tape artwork for the wall!  It was so easy and turned out great!

I bought a blank canvas and attached blue painter's tape in random patterns across it.  Make sure to press the tape down very well.  Then my son painted each shape with the color of his choice using acrylic paint.  I let it dry completely and then carefully peeled off the painter's tape.  (We only had a problem with a couple of colors getting under the tape and I think these were some older bottles of paint that were a more liquid consistency.  So, watch for that if you are using leftover paint.)  It looks awesome on the art wall!!

Back to School Dry Erase Basket

I assembled this basket for our Back to School teacher gift this year.  It was less time consuming than the one from last year (see post) but still full of useful supplies!  I got lots of dry erase markers, 2 erasers, cleaning spray, and a small magnetic caddy.  I got the basket at Dollar Tree and attached ribbon with double sided tape.  I cut pink cardstock with a 2.5" scallop punch and blue cardstock with a 2" circle punch and then laminated both.  Then, I just added the foam "Z" sticker and attached it all to the ribbon.  We're ready for school!

"10" Cupcakes

I like to do a fun cake for my kids' birthdays, but this year my son asked for cupcakes in the shape of a "10" so that's what he got!  Happy birthday Jacob!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of Year Balloon Party

I am doing a "Balloon" themed End of the Year Party for my third grader's class and am so excited!

For decorations, we will have balloons (obviously!), balloon topiaries (instructions HERE), and a banner that says "Up & Away to OMIS" (our kids go to a different school for 4th grade).  For the banner, I cut aqua, green, and yellow cardstock with my Silhouette using the "6 banner set" rounded shape.  I cut orange cardstock with my Silhouette using "Blueberry" font.  I also cut balloons out of all 4 colors.  I attached 3 balloons to each of the banner shapes that were used for spaces between the words.  I attached the orange letters, laminated each banner piece, and thread with orange tulle.  I used puffy paint to make the balloon strings and let dry.  Cute!

For food, we had drinks, cheese puff balls, grapes, and cupcakes.  We also had popsicles for after the games.  For the cupcakes, I used these cute Wilton cupcake liners with orange, yellow, green, & aqua polka dots.  I made cupcake toppers by cutting these fun aqua straws in half and attaching some more cardstock balloons.  Fun!

Now, to the best part, games!
  1. Balloon Pop - this is a relay race where the kids pop balloons with their bottoms!
  2. Balloon Bop - the kids get into a circle with the teacher in the middle.  The teacher tosses a balloon in the air and calls out a student's name and a body part.  The right student has to keep the balloon afloat by hitting the balloon with that body part.  If the balloon falls or the student uses the wrong body part, then they are "out".
  3. Water Balloon Toss - the kids get into pairs and toss a water balloon back and forth.  If the balloon doesn't break, then the kids take a step back and do it again.  If the water balloon breaks, then they are "out".  The last pair standing wins!
  4. Water Balloon Hot Potato - the kids get in a circle and pass a water balloon around.  If the water balloon breaks or if a kid is holding the balloon when the music stops, then they are "out".
  5. Water Balloon IT - in this game, one kid is "IT" (I used the winner of the hot potato game as "IT") and stands on a side of the field by himself.  All the other kids stand on the other side of the field.  When "IT" hits someone on the other side with a water balloon, then they join the "IT" side and help him until everyone is on the same side!
  6. Water Balloon Fight - this is a free-for-all with water balloons!
For the games, I used jump ropes to make 2 lines on the field that the kids weren't supposed to cross and I also told them to aim for shoulders and below (not heads!)  Also, I HIGHLY recommend the "tie-not" tool to make all the water balloons!  It was a great party!  The kids had a blast!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tissue Paper Art Initials for Teachers

I made these initials for our teachers with the help of the kids!

I found these large wooden letters at Hobby Lobby.  I painted the backs and sides of the letters light pink (Americana Poodleskirt Pink acrylic paint).
The kids helped by making tissue paper art.  I gave them a 4x6" piece of white cardstock on top of a paper plate & paper towels.  The kids then placed tissue paper squares on the cardstock in whatever pattern they wanted.  Then, I sprayed the tissue paper with a mixture of half water and half vinegar.
Let the paper dry completely then peel off the tissue paper.  This results in cardstock with pretty pastel colors. (I found that the red, orange, and light pink tissue paper did not bleed onto the cardstock for some reason.  So, the cardstock was simply white where these colors were used.)  Here is the tissue paper cardstock we created:
Next, I cut all of the 4x6" cardstock into 6 2" cubes.  I brushed Mod Podge onto the front of the letter and onto the back of the cardstock cubes.  I placed the cubes all over the letter, not worrying about the edges.
I let this dry then used an X Acto knife to cut around the edges of the letter to trim off the excess cardstock.
I added another layer of Mod Podge over the top and let dry.  I glued pretty pink ribbon to the back of the letter to finish it off!I added the school name and year to the back of the letters as well.  These are so pretty and I loved that the kids had a part in making them!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Baseball Banner

I made a team banner for our baseball party that was so cute!

I cut navy cardstock into pennant shapes with my Silhouette using "6 banner set" pennant shape.  I added 2 small circles to the shape to thread the ribbon through.  Then, I cut white and red cardstock for the letters with my Silhouette using "Allstar" font.  I glued the inner red letter onto the whole white letter & glued the letters to the pennants.  I printed out Nationals clip art on white cardstock to use at the beginning and end of the banner and glued that on.  I laminated each pennant and thread with red ribbon.  Banners are so easy to make and we took a cute team picture underneath it!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Snack Baskets

I decided to do a group gift for the cafeteria workers and custodians at our school.  I thought they would enjoy some fun snacks for the last week of school!  I used their All About Me sheets (see HERE) to help me decide what snacks to purchase.  Ideas are:

  • assorted chips
  • assorted cookies
  • popcorn
  • caramel popcorn
  • nuts
  • assorted candy bars
  • beef jerky
  • donuts
I found the orange bucket at Dollar Tree and attached the "Orange you glad it's summer?" tag.  The adorable tag is from Coley's Corner and can be found HERE.  I hope they know how much they are appreciated!