Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Halloween Snacks

We had some yummy and adorably spooky Halloween snacks!

We had the Vomiting hummus pumpkin (see post HERE) and the Pig in a blanket mummies (see post HERE) again.  Then we also had Cheese straw witch fingers, Mummy brownies, and Monster sugar cookies!

For the Cheese straw witch fingers, I made my usual cheese straw recipe (see post HERE) and simply added sliced almonds before baking.  Yum!

For the Mummy brownies, I made my usual boxed brownie recipe (shhh!)  Once the brownies cooled, I cut them into squares and placed them on cooling racks with wax paper underneath.  I melted white chocolate in the microwave and used a knife to drizzle/shake the chocolate over the brownies.  Then, I quickly added small eyes.  Cute!

 For the Monster sugar cookies, I cooked place-and-bake sugar cookies (I'm revealing all my secrets!  But, the kids don't care I promise!  The tip to any place-and-bake cookies is to not overcook them.)  I added tinted white icing in between 2 cookies.  For the ones on the top, I added mini marshmallows in between the 2 cookies for teeth, added more icing on top, and then added a large marshmallow to the top for an eye.  I added the eyeball with a black edible marker. Adorable monsters!

Spooky Science Fun Friday

I had so much fun doing a Spooky Science Fun Friday with my 3rd grader's class before Halloween!

First, we made slime!  I ordered the Steve Spangler Green Slime Kit which made it super easy for me! (purchase HERE)  I got small mason jars and made labels for the tops (download HERE).   I added the ingredients and then all the kids had to do was SHAKE!  We let this sit a few minutes to congeal while we did the other experiments.

Second, we did the experiments in the Steve Spangler Ghost Science Kit (purchase HERE).  We watched the "ghost poop" disappear in a cup of water and we watched the "ghost eggs" glow.  For the ghost eggs, I let these sit overnight in water to let them expand and become virtually invisible.  Then, I added the glow dye in the classroom so the kids could see them.  I let them touch a couple at the end and they each got to take one home.  I also let them take home a couple of the ghost poop to show their families.  They loved taking stuff home!  I really enjoyed using the Steve Spangler kits (I'm not paid for these comments - this is just mom-to-mom info!) The kits were easy to use and came with great instructions and explanations to explain the science behind the experiments.  With my order, they sent me a sample of the Steve Spangler Magic Sand (purchase HERE) that was really cool too.  The kids liked touching the sand to see that it was still dry even though it had been in the water!

Third, we played with Screaming Balloons.  I got this idea from Steve Spangler but was able to find the items needed for it at Walmart.  Simply place a hex nut inside a clear latex balloon and blow up.  Spin the hex nut around inside the balloon to create a screaming balloon! (details HERE)  I also let them take home a balloon and hex nut.  They loved it!

Lastly, the kids came up to my mystery boxes and put their hands in each hole to feel the creepy Halloween items!  I had one table at a time come up to feel inside the mystery boxes and the other tables played with their slime while they waited.  The mystery boxes were so fun!  To make them, I bought 2 banker boxes at Walmart.  I cut 4 holes in each box (2 on each side).  Then I sprayed painted the boxes black.  I covered the holes with black foam that I had cut an "X" in.  I added tags (download HERE) and then added the items in bowls on the inside.  Here is what I did but there are lots of ideas online!  Be sure to bring some wipes!
Skeleton Fingers = pickled okra
Vampire Guts = cooked spaghetti with a little oil
Spider Legs = chenille stems
Werewolf Teeth = popcorn kernels & candy corn
Mummy Eyes = olives
Zombie Brain = cauliflower
Witch Hair = corn husks
Ghost Boogers = raisins with honey (definitely the grossest one!)

They had a blast!  I enjoyed doing something different for Halloween too!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back to School Teacher Survival Kit

I made this fun and practical Teacher Survival Kit for a Back to School gift for our teacher!  I decided to include mostly things that she might not have on hand but could need.  I think it will be a very useful gift that she will come back to again and again throughout the year!

Here is what I included.  I bought everything at Walmart except the case and the small clothespins, which I bought at Hobby Lobby.

Mini WD-40
Screwdriver (with interchangeable tips)
Paper clips
Sticky tack
Small clothespins
White out
Super glue
Chocolate (peanut butter M&Ms are her favorite!)
Crystal Light energy packs
Sewing kit
Hair bands
Cough drops
Binder clips
Tide to Go
Mini Febreeze
Nail file
Nail clippers
Push pins
Tic Tac mints

I used red and blue tulle to tie around the case and added a cute tag from Fantabulosity (download HERE).  The tag says "Teacher Survival Kit - Looking Forward to our Year Together!"  Love it!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Smart Cookies End of the Year Party

We had a fun Smart Cookies End of the Year Party for my 2nd grader's class!  It was so cute and they had a blast!

I made a "Smart Cookies" banner with brown and white stripe triangles and blue letters in "andrea karime" font.
We had chocolate and white milk in milk bottles that I found at Target.  I designed labels for the milk bottles, printed them on sticker paper, cut them out with a 2" punch, and put them on the bottles.  You can download the labels HERE.
We had chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, oreos, double doozie cookies, and more!  I made the double doozie cookies by dipping sugar cookies in blue sugar before cooking.  Then, I spread icing between 2 cooled sugar cookies.  I made tags for the tops of these cookies and attached them to halved decorative paper straws.  You can download the tags HERE.
We let them get 5 cookies to start and then packed up leftover cookies in bags for the kids to take home.  And, of course, I made labels for the bags too!  You can download the labels HERE.
We had 4 stations with games:
1) Pin the chocolate chip on the cookie - for this game, I traced a large cookie shape onto light brown poster board, cut it out, drew an "X" in the middle of the cookie, & had it laminated.  I attached it to a large piece of foam board.  Then, I used my 1/2" circle punch to cut out dark brown cardstock circles to use as the chips.  I wrote each child's name on the chips so we could see who had come the closest at the end of the game!  I also attached a photo square to the back to make the chips stick to the cookie.  I blindfolded the kids, spun them around, and then had them stick their chip to the cookie.  Whoever came closest to the "X" won!
2) Cookie match game - for this game, I cut out the different color sugar cookies and laminated them.  Then, the kids teamed up to see who could win at Memory!  You can download the game HERE.
3) Cookie frisbee - for this game, I got 4 small frisbees at Party City.  I printed 4 cookies on sticker paper, cut them out with a 2.5" punch, and attached them to the frisbee.  Then, the kids took turns trying to land their cookie frisbees on a small cookie sheet!  You can download the cookie printable HERE.
4) Cookie hot potato - for this game, I purchased a stuffed cookie from Amazon.  (It's actually a pouch.  See HERE).  The kids passed it around until a parent said "stop!".  The child holding the cookie was "out".  Repeat until there is only 1 child left standing!
The kids loved eating all of the cookies and playing all of the games!

More Teacher Gifts

Here are a couple of small teacher gift ideas!

I found this cute handtowel at Walmart and got a Dairy Queen gift card to go with it.  I got the adorable printable gift card holder from the "TotallyPixelicious" store on Etsy (buy here).  Then, I put it all together for a fun summer gift!

I made these cute little jars for all the "extra" teachers at our school.  They can be used for pencils, rubber bands, paper clips, whatever!  I bought the jars at Hobby Lobby, added a vinyl monogram, and tied on a fun tag!  I used different fonts for the monogram depending on how the letter looked and if it was for a man or woman.  I used Whackadoo, Gabriola, and Nearly Dignified fonts.  Easy and practical!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

My boys attend separate schools that each did Teacher Appreciation Week a little different this year.  Here are the days that were planned:

Monday "We love our teacher": make a card
Tuesday "Our teachers are so smart!": send a healthy snack or drink
Wednesday "Our teachers are so sweet!": send a sweet treat, flower, or small gift
Thursday "Stock the classroom": send in an item needed for the classroom
Friday "Acts of Kindness": students should think of ways to help during the day

Make It Monday: send in a homemade card, letter or drawing
Any Thing Tuesday: send in something from the teacher's likes list (favorite flower, color, team, hobby...)
Mouth Watering Wednesday: send in a favorite food or drink from the teacher's likes list
Lunch It Thursday: duty free lunch provided by the PTO
Favorites Friday: send in a small gift card from favorite place on the teacher's likes list

For the healthy snack, I sent in trail mix with a tag that said "Thanks for keeping me on the right TRAIL!" You can download the tag HERE.

For the small gift, I sent in a Chick-Fil-A gift card with a tag that said "thank you very moo-ch for being a moo-velous teacher!"  You can download the tag HERE (on this download, there are 6 teacher tags and 6 tags that say "thank you very moo-ch for your moo-velous service!")

For an item for the classroom, I sent in an ink cartridge with a tag that said "Thank you for making an imPRINT on my life!"  You can download the tag HERE.

For something from the teacher's like list, I sent in Auburn and Alabama koozies (found at Academy Sports) with a tag that said "Thanks for teaming up with me!"  You can download the tag HERE in a variety of colors.

For a favorite food, I sent in a blueberry muffin with a tag that said "I'd be muffin without you!"  I found these tags HERE.

The teachers loved it all and had a great week!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Valentine's Party

We had a fun 2nd grade Valentine's party!

We had several activities:
1. We played Valentine's bingo, using conversation hearts as the markers.

2. Minute to Win It games!  How many conversation hearts can you move with a straw from a cup to the center of the heart in one minute?  AND, how many conversation hearts can you leave stacked in one column at the end of one minute?

3. We played the Minute to Win It games on this template and then used it to make a craft!  You can print the template HERE (I tweaked this template from one I found on THIS POST since we were using it for a craft too.)  I asked the kids to draw a picture or to write a "because statement" in the middle of the heart.  Then, they glued their conversation hearts to the purple heart (and ate any leftover conversation hearts of course!)
4. Next, we played the heart match game.  I cut foam hearts in half using different decorative scissors.  I cut every heart differently so that each half heart only had one possible match.  I gave each child a half of a heart, said "go!", and then they had to find their match!  The pictures are always super cute from this game!

5.  The biggest hit of the party was this board!  The winner of each game got to punch the board first, then all the kids had a chance to punch it, so everyone got a prize!

To make this board, get a large 3-sided presentation board.  I cut "My heart is BURSTING!" with my Silhouette using red cardstock and Cupid de Locke font.  I glued the letters to the board.  Then, I arranged 30 red solo cups on the board in a heart shape.  I hot glued the cups to the board in the pattern I had laid out.  Next I filled each cup with prizes and candy (I wanted 30 cups so I could use the board in the future with bigger classes but only actually needed 24 prizes.  So, in 6 of the cups I put a cute "Try Again!" note.)  I cut red tissue paper into squares and covered each cup with the red tissue paper using a rubber band.  It really didn't take me very long to make and the kids LOVED it!

Our teacher punched the last one!