Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

My boys attend separate schools that each did Teacher Appreciation Week a little different this year.  Here are the days that were planned:

Monday "We love our teacher": make a card
Tuesday "Our teachers are so smart!": send a healthy snack or drink
Wednesday "Our teachers are so sweet!": send a sweet treat, flower, or small gift
Thursday "Stock the classroom": send in an item needed for the classroom
Friday "Acts of Kindness": students should think of ways to help during the day

Make It Monday: send in a homemade card, letter or drawing
Any Thing Tuesday: send in something from the teacher's likes list (favorite flower, color, team, hobby...)
Mouth Watering Wednesday: send in a favorite food or drink from the teacher's likes list
Lunch It Thursday: duty free lunch provided by the PTO
Favorites Friday: send in a small gift card from favorite place on the teacher's likes list

For the healthy snack, I sent in trail mix with a tag that said "Thanks for keeping me on the right TRAIL!" You can download the tag HERE.

For the small gift, I sent in a Chick-Fil-A gift card with a tag that said "thank you very moo-ch for being a moo-velous teacher!"  You can download the tag HERE (on this download, there are 6 teacher tags and 6 tags that say "thank you very moo-ch for your moo-velous service!")

For an item for the classroom, I sent in an ink cartridge with a tag that said "Thank you for making an imPRINT on my life!"  You can download the tag HERE.

For something from the teacher's like list, I sent in Auburn and Alabama koozies (found at Academy Sports) with a tag that said "Thanks for teaming up with me!"  You can download the tag HERE in a variety of colors.

For a favorite food, I sent in a blueberry muffin with a tag that said "I'd be muffin without you!"  I found these tags HERE.

The teachers loved it all and had a great week!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Valentine's Party

We had a fun 2nd grade Valentine's party!

We had several activities:
1. We played Valentine's bingo, using conversation hearts as the markers.

2. Minute to Win It games!  How many conversation hearts can you move with a straw from a cup to the center of the heart in one minute?  AND, how many conversation hearts can you leave stacked in one column at the end of one minute?

3. We played the Minute to Win It games on this template and then used it to make a craft!  You can print the template HERE (I tweaked this template from one I found on THIS POST since we were using it for a craft too.)  I asked the kids to draw a picture or to write a "because statement" in the middle of the heart.  Then, they glued their conversation hearts to the purple heart (and ate any leftover conversation hearts of course!)
4. Next, we played the heart match game.  I cut foam hearts in half using different decorative scissors.  I cut every heart differently so that each half heart only had one possible match.  I gave each child a half of a heart, said "go!", and then they had to find their match!  The pictures are always super cute from this game!

5.  The biggest hit of the party was this board!  The winner of each game got to punch the board first, then all the kids had a chance to punch it, so everyone got a prize!

To make this board, get a large 3-sided presentation board.  I cut "My heart is BURSTING!" with my Silhouette using red cardstock and Cupid de Locke font.  I glued the letters to the board.  Then, I arranged 30 red solo cups on the board in a heart shape.  I hot glued the cups to the board in the pattern I had laid out.  Next I filled each cup with prizes and candy (I wanted 30 cups so I could use the board in the future with bigger classes but only actually needed 24 prizes.  So, in 6 of the cups I put a cute "Try Again!" note.)  I cut red tissue paper into squares and covered each cup with the red tissue paper using a rubber band.  It really didn't take me very long to make and the kids LOVED it!

Our teacher punched the last one!

Reindeer Food Tags

I've posted Reindeer Food tags before (see HERE), but I wanted some circle ones this year!  You can download them HERE if you like them too!

Christmas Light Thumbprint Plate

I LOVE how this Christmas light thumbprint plate turned out!!  I made this with the thumbprints of everyone in the class and gave it to the teacher for Christmas (plus a gift card of course).  It is a precious keepsake!

I found the white square plate at Wal-mart.  I used my Silhouette to cut red vinyl into "Merry & Bright" (Boingo font).  I added the string for the lights with a sharpie and made sure to have the perfect number of sockets where the thumbprints would go.

Next, I added the kids' thumbprints. To keep track of whose thumbprint was whose, I made a copy of the plate beforehand and wrote in each name at the spot they put their thumbprint.   I let them pick whatever color they wanted - red, green, blue or yellow.  Once the thumbprints were dry, I added the kids' names with a thin sharpie beside their thumbprint.  LOVE it!

Christmas Mazes for Classmates

This was a really easy Christmas gift for classmates.  I found these mazes at Wal-mart.  I made a tag that said "Hope you have an a-MAZE-ing Christmas!", printed them on sticker paper, cut them out with a 2" circle punch, and attached to the back of the maze.  You can download the tags HERE.  So simple, so fun!

Airplane Birthday Cakes

My sweet adorable nephew turned ONE!  I made an airplane cake for the party and an airplane smash cake for him!  Nothing like having a baby nephew to spoil!

To make the party cake, I used the Pantastic Airplane pan to make a cake to go on top of a half sheet cake and decorated as pictured.

To make the smash cake, I used an airplane cookie cutter to make an indentation in the blue icing that I traced with the red icing and decorated the rest as pictured.

Halloween Spider Craft

Our whole 2nd grade decided to participate in a Halloween Fun Friday where the kids would rotate to each classroom for a different station!  Our classroom had to do a craft that could easily be done with 25 2nd graders in 15 minutes and could be done affordably with a total of 150 students - no easy task!  We ended up making paper plate spiders.  This craft fit the qualifications and was super cute - perfect!


  • black, lime green, orange, & purple 7" plates
  • pipe cleaners, cut in half
  • construction paper
  • googly eyes - a variety of sizes
We asked each child to get 1 plate, 2 pieces of construction paper, & 8 pipe cleaners and then sit at a desk.  At each desk, we had scissors, glue, & a small cup with 8 googly eyes of different sizes. (did you know spiders have 8 eyes??)  The kids cut their construction paper into whatever shape they wanted and glued it to the plate.  Then they glued the eyes to the plate.  Adults were coming around and stapling the pipe cleaner legs to the plate.  Here's the finished product!  Love these!