Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Spooky Science Fun Friday

I had so much fun doing a Spooky Science Fun Friday with my 3rd grader's class before Halloween!

First, we made slime!  I ordered the Steve Spangler Green Slime Kit which made it super easy for me! (purchase HERE)  I got small mason jars and made labels for the tops (download HERE).   I added the ingredients and then all the kids had to do was SHAKE!  We let this sit a few minutes to congeal while we did the other experiments.

Second, we did the experiments in the Steve Spangler Ghost Science Kit (purchase HERE).  We watched the "ghost poop" disappear in a cup of water and we watched the "ghost eggs" glow.  For the ghost eggs, I let these sit overnight in water to let them expand and become virtually invisible.  Then, I added the glow dye in the classroom so the kids could see them.  I let them touch a couple at the end and they each got to take one home.  I also let them take home a couple of the ghost poop to show their families.  They loved taking stuff home!  I really enjoyed using the Steve Spangler kits (I'm not paid for these comments - this is just mom-to-mom info!) The kits were easy to use and came with great instructions and explanations to explain the science behind the experiments.  With my order, they sent me a sample of the Steve Spangler Magic Sand (purchase HERE) that was really cool too.  The kids liked touching the sand to see that it was still dry even though it had been in the water!

Third, we played with Screaming Balloons.  I got this idea from Steve Spangler but was able to find the items needed for it at Walmart.  Simply place a hex nut inside a clear latex balloon and blow up.  Spin the hex nut around inside the balloon to create a screaming balloon! (details HERE)  I also let them take home a balloon and hex nut.  They loved it!

Lastly, the kids came up to my mystery boxes and put their hands in each hole to feel the creepy Halloween items!  I had one table at a time come up to feel inside the mystery boxes and the other tables played with their slime while they waited.  The mystery boxes were so fun!  To make them, I bought 2 banker boxes at Walmart.  I cut 4 holes in each box (2 on each side).  Then I sprayed painted the boxes black.  I covered the holes with black foam that I had cut an "X" in.  I added tags (download HERE) and then added the items in bowls on the inside.  Here is what I did but there are lots of ideas online!  Be sure to bring some wipes!
Skeleton Fingers = pickled okra
Vampire Guts = cooked spaghetti with a little oil
Spider Legs = chenille stems
Werewolf Teeth = popcorn kernels & candy corn
Mummy Eyes = olives
Zombie Brain = cauliflower
Witch Hair = corn husks
Ghost Boogers = raisins with honey (definitely the grossest one!)

They had a blast!  I enjoyed doing something different for Halloween too!

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