Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back to School Teacher Survival Kit

I made this fun and practical Teacher Survival Kit for a Back to School gift for our teacher!  I decided to include mostly things that she might not have on hand but could need.  I think it will be a very useful gift that she will come back to again and again throughout the year!

Here is what I included.  I bought everything at Walmart except the case and the small clothespins, which I bought at Hobby Lobby.

Mini WD-40
Screwdriver (with interchangeable tips)
Paper clips
Sticky tack
Small clothespins
White out
Super glue
Chocolate (peanut butter M&Ms are her favorite!)
Crystal Light energy packs
Sewing kit
Hair bands
Cough drops
Binder clips
Tide to Go
Mini Febreeze
Nail file
Nail clippers
Push pins
Tic Tac mints

I used red and blue tulle to tie around the case and added a cute tag from Fantabulosity (download HERE).  The tag says "Teacher Survival Kit - Looking Forward to our Year Together!"  Love it!

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