Monday, February 6, 2012

Bookworm Fun Friday

I've been working on a Fun Friday for my 1st grader's class and decided on a book/reading theme.

For the craft, the kids are going to color their own bookmark.  You can download the front of the bookmark HERE and the back of the bookmark HERE.  Print the front on white cardstock then turn over and print the back.  Cut into individual bookmarks and let the kids color.  I've recently acquired a laminator, which I have been loving, so I'm going to laminate the bookmarks for them too.  Here is how they turned out - so cute!

For the snack, I'm going to bring juice boxes, ABC Cheez-its, and Gummy "Book"worms.  For the Gummy "Book"worms, I'm going to put the gummy worms in a snack bag and then attach a bookworm and top with a topper.  You can download the toppers and bookworms HERE.  Print on white cardstock, cut out, and attach.  Here is the finished product:

While the kids eat their snack, I'm going to read these books: Read All About It by Jenna & Laura Bush, Wild About Books by Judy Sierra, and The Best Book to Read by Debbie Bertram.

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