Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wario & Waluigi Party

Some things I do for a birthday party could also be used at least in part for a school party.  Not this one!  I tried to talk my new 4 year old into a cute camping themed party at our house but was unsuccessful.  He wanted a Wario and Waluigi party (Mario characters FYI) at the local jumpy place.  So, this post is just for any other poor souls who find themselves planning a Wario and Waluigi party.  There can't be that many of us!

Here's the invitation.  I used Wario & Waluigi clip art and printed the invitation on white cardstock.  I mounted the whole invitation on purple cardstock.  Then I added a 2 1/2" yellow cardstock circle with a 2" picture of my son in a Mario mustache.

These are the cupcakes I made for him to take to school.  I used purple cupcake liners and yellow sprinkles.  Then, I added 2" circles of clipart and text onto 2 1/2" scalloped circles.  I put the circles on 1/2 of a coffee stirrer and put them on the cupcakes.

For the favors, I included Mario stickers, pen, paper, and fruit snacks.  I made mustaches by cutting out black felt into mustache shapes.  I hot glued 1/2 of a black coffee stirrer horizontally on the back and then a whole coffee stirrer vertically for the handle.  I purchased the question mark box download HERE.  I assembled the boxes and filled them with bubblegum and gold chocolate coins.  All of this went into the yellow favor bags with "Game over!  Wii thank you for coming to James' party!" tags and purple tulle.  So fun!

Lastly, I made a Wario and Waluigi birthday cake!  I made a 1/2 sheet cake and covered it in white icing.  I printed coloring pages of Wario and Waluigi.  Then I turned the coloring page upside down and put wax paper on top.  I used piping gel to trace the images onto the wax paper (should be backwards).  Then I flipped it onto my iced cake and rubbed the wax paper to transfer the piping gel image.  Then I filled in all the different colors on Wario and Waluigi.  I added stars, purple writing, yellow border on the top, and purple border on the bottom.  I added gold chocolate coins in between the borders.  He loved his cake and his whole birthday party!

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  1. And a fabulous party it was! Another excellent post from RME!