Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

My boys attend separate schools that each did Teacher Appreciation Week a little different this year.  Here are the days that were planned:

Monday "We love our teacher": make a card
Tuesday "Our teachers are so smart!": send a healthy snack or drink
Wednesday "Our teachers are so sweet!": send a sweet treat, flower, or small gift
Thursday "Stock the classroom": send in an item needed for the classroom
Friday "Acts of Kindness": students should think of ways to help during the day

Make It Monday: send in a homemade card, letter or drawing
Any Thing Tuesday: send in something from the teacher's likes list (favorite flower, color, team, hobby...)
Mouth Watering Wednesday: send in a favorite food or drink from the teacher's likes list
Lunch It Thursday: duty free lunch provided by the PTO
Favorites Friday: send in a small gift card from favorite place on the teacher's likes list

For the healthy snack, I sent in trail mix with a tag that said "Thanks for keeping me on the right TRAIL!" You can download the tag HERE.

For the small gift, I sent in a Chick-Fil-A gift card with a tag that said "thank you very moo-ch for being a moo-velous teacher!"  You can download the tag HERE (on this download, there are 6 teacher tags and 6 tags that say "thank you very moo-ch for your moo-velous service!")

For an item for the classroom, I sent in an ink cartridge with a tag that said "Thank you for making an imPRINT on my life!"  You can download the tag HERE.

For something from the teacher's like list, I sent in Auburn and Alabama koozies (found at Academy Sports) with a tag that said "Thanks for teaming up with me!"  You can download the tag HERE in a variety of colors.

For a favorite food, I sent in a blueberry muffin with a tag that said "I'd be muffin without you!"  I found these tags HERE.

The teachers loved it all and had a great week!

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