Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Valentine's Party

We had a fun 2nd grade Valentine's party!

We had several activities:
1. We played Valentine's bingo, using conversation hearts as the markers.

2. Minute to Win It games!  How many conversation hearts can you move with a straw from a cup to the center of the heart in one minute?  AND, how many conversation hearts can you leave stacked in one column at the end of one minute?

3. We played the Minute to Win It games on this template and then used it to make a craft!  You can print the template HERE (I tweaked this template from one I found on THIS POST since we were using it for a craft too.)  I asked the kids to draw a picture or to write a "because statement" in the middle of the heart.  Then, they glued their conversation hearts to the purple heart (and ate any leftover conversation hearts of course!)
4. Next, we played the heart match game.  I cut foam hearts in half using different decorative scissors.  I cut every heart differently so that each half heart only had one possible match.  I gave each child a half of a heart, said "go!", and then they had to find their match!  The pictures are always super cute from this game!

5.  The biggest hit of the party was this board!  The winner of each game got to punch the board first, then all the kids had a chance to punch it, so everyone got a prize!

To make this board, get a large 3-sided presentation board.  I cut "My heart is BURSTING!" with my Silhouette using red cardstock and Cupid de Locke font.  I glued the letters to the board.  Then, I arranged 30 red solo cups on the board in a heart shape.  I hot glued the cups to the board in the pattern I had laid out.  Next I filled each cup with prizes and candy (I wanted 30 cups so I could use the board in the future with bigger classes but only actually needed 24 prizes.  So, in 6 of the cups I put a cute "Try Again!" note.)  I cut red tissue paper into squares and covered each cup with the red tissue paper using a rubber band.  It really didn't take me very long to make and the kids LOVED it!

Our teacher punched the last one!

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