Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Wreaths

This year, I made a new Christmas wreath for our house and Christmas wreaths for teacher gifts.  They are a little different but both so cute!

For our house wreath, I used a grapevine wreath with red floral stems, 2 red birds, a JOY sign, and a burlap ribbon bow.  The red floral stems and red birds are attached with hot glue while the JOY sign is tied on the wreath with twine.  I love it!

For the teacher's wreath, I used a grapevine wreath and spray painted it white.  I added shiny red berry stems, shiny red swirls, and a JOY sign that I attached with hot glue.  Then, I added a shiny red ribbon!  To give to the teacher, I added 2" circle pictures of all the kids attached to 2.5" white scallop circles that were secured to the wreath with tiny white clothespins.  I love to give the teacher a gift that has special meaning with the kids' pictures on it but also something that they can really use later by removing the pictures if they want!

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