Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thing 1 Costume

The 3rd Graders at our school did a performance of songs from Seussical the Musical and dressed like characters from Dr. Seuss books.  My son wanted to be Thing 1.  I used gel and blue hair spray (found at Walmart but have seen at Party City too) to do this crazy hair.  Then, I created a shirt for him using a plain red t-shirt and fabric transfer paper for dark colors (found at Walmart but have seen at Michael's & Hobby Lobby too).  I found a Thing 1 clipart image online, copied it into a blank Word document, and then sized it to be as wide as the paper.  Print the image onto the transfer paper and follow the instructions for ironing it onto the t-shirt.  I had never used fabric transfer paper before but it was really easy to do by following the enclosed instructions.  Isn't he a cute Thing 1?

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