Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Art Wall

So, with 2 kids, I have art work coming out my ears!!  Not only is my 8 year old doing the usual school art class, but he also does an after school art class that generates lots of nice, frame-worthy art!  I decided I needed a place to put it all!  Also, I wanted to be able to change out all of the art work as both boys bring home different masterpieces over the years.

I was able to get 3 frames from the school art fair that are matted and easy to change out on the back.  I also got 4 ready made frames from Hobby Lobby.  For an extra $2 a frame, they screwed the canvas art work in place, which I can simply change out with a screwdriver.  I also got a couple of shadow boxes and had a couple of extra frames that I added fabric to and mini clothespins to attach the art work.  (I cut the fabric to fit the glass or backing and used spray adhesive to attach the fabric.  I painted the mini clothespins to match the fabric and glued them to the fabric using E6000 glue.)  I used all black frames for some continuity.  I also got and painted 3 wooden letters from Hobby Lobby to spell out "A-R-T".  Then, I had to lay it all out and figure out what art would go where.  My hubby hung it all on the wall and here is how it turned out.  I am in LOVE with it!

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