Friday, April 13, 2012

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

My son saw me pinning this idea on Pinterest (original idea HERE) and said "I want to do that!", so we did!  It was really fun!  I got the glow bracelets at the Dollar Tree and the large plastic Easter eggs at Walmart.  Bend a glow bracelet along the whole length of it to get it glowing.  Fold into thirds and place in plastic egg.  The eggs glowed best when I matched the glow stick and egg colors (so, I put the yellow glow stick in a yellow plastic egg...).  Then, just hide the eggs at dusk or after sunset.  The kids really loved doing this!  We ended up doing 3 egg hunts and taking turns hiding them.  So fun!

Note to self (& others): Don't leave folded glow sticks inside eggs until you are good & ready to put away your Easter stuff.  They crack & leak.  (yes, I learned that the hard way!)

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