Monday, February 20, 2012

Tissue Paper Flowers

I made these adorable Tissue Paper Flowers to use at our teacher's classroom wedding shower.  We used them as decorations on the kids' tables.  I also thought she might could use some of them wrapped in white ribbon for her rehearsal bouquet.  Here's how to make them!

  • pastel colored tissue paper (I bought mine at Dollar Tree)
  • ruler, scissors, pencil
  • floral wire & wire cutters
  • green popsicle sticks (you could have the students write their names on these if desired)

1.  Separate tissue paper into like colors.  Cut tissue paper into 5x8 inch rectangles.

2.  Stack 15 pieces of tissue paper.  Fold accordion style starting on the long side.

3.  Cut floral wire into a 12 inch piece.  Wrap wire tightly around the center of tissue paper.

4.  Trim ends of tissue paper into points or rounded edges.

5.  Gently separate and pull each layer of tissue paper up and towards the center of the flower on both sides of the wire.

6.  Insert a popsicle stick into the folds of the flower and secure by wrapping the wire around the stick.

7.  Repeat.  Put the flowers into your desired container for display.  I used small clear glass vases (from the Dollar Tree) so we could see the kids' names and anchored with clear glass beads (also from Dollar Tree).

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