Sunday, August 7, 2011

Valentine's Ideas

These are some Valentines ideas from prior years. 

Food: Anything red or pink (strawberries, yogurt, strawberry cupcakes, pink lemonade...).  Turkey & cheese cut into hearts with cookie cutters.  Heart shaped pizzas with heart shaped pepperoni.

Games:  Valentine's cake walk (Cut large hearts out of different scrapbook papers.  Cut smaller hearts out of same papers.  Play music and have the kids walk around on the large hearts.  When the music stops, each kid stops on a different heart.  Pull a small heart out of a bag.  Whoever is standing on the matching large heart gets a prize!  Remove that large heart and do it repeatedly until everyone wins!)  Cupid Says (just like Simon Says).  Sort conversation hearts into colors on worksheet.  Heart match (Cut foam hearts in half with different shaped scissors.  Hand half of a heart to each child & have them find their match).

Crafts: decorate a bag/mailbox to put Valentine cards in

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  1. Oh Melissa, your true talents would have been wasted as an accountant.