Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teacher Gift Ideas

Here are some teacher gift ideas from prior years:
  • CDs with children's music for the teacher to use in their classroom
  • Pumpkin/banana bread wrapped in cute kitchen towels & tied up with raffia
  • Decoupage clothespins
  • Candy bar poster: Dear Mrs. _____, You are an EXTRA special teacher!  You are such a SWEETTART for everything you teach us.  You deserve 100 GRAND every PAYDAY.  We know sometimes we act like AIRHEADS, play TWIX, or act like we are from somewhere beyond the MILKY WAY.  Most days you probably want to make like BABY RUTH and just run home!  Thank you for ignoring our WHOPPERS and BUTTERFINGERS.  It must be hard to contain your SNICKERS when us little SUGAR BABIES tell you MOUNDS of NUTRAGEOUS stories.  You bring us such ALMOND JOY when you teach about the WHATCHAMACALLIT.  Thank you for RAISIN us to a higher level and playing such an important ROLO in our lives.  You are the RIESEN we are all SMARTIES.  You are a LIFESAVER and worth a MINT to us all.  We SKOR-ed when we got you as a teacher and couldn't CHEWS a better teacher than you!  We love you to PIECES!  With HUGS and KISSES, your class
  • "We need s'more teachers like you!" with smore bar

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