Sunday, August 7, 2011

End of the Year Luau Party

These are End of the Year Luau/Beach party ideas from prior years. 

Food: Cheese ball appetizer shaped like a volcano with strawberry jelly as lava, fruit, macaroni shells & cheese.

Decorations: beach balls, shells, leis, drink umbrellas.

Games: beach bingo with Starbursts as markers, musical chairs with beach towels, coconut bowling, beach bucket toss (with 5 beach buckets & either balls or pool toys to throw in each one), limbo, freeze dancing (or "wipeout") on surfboards with music, hot potato with a beach ball

Gifts/Favors:  luau/beach stuff with their Hawaiian names on nametags (I found a website that would "translate" their names).

Crafts: Paper plate fish (Cut a triangle out of a paper plate to make a mouth.  Glue the triangle on as the fish tail.  Paint/color fish.  Attach eye.)  Cut surfboards out of cardboard & have kids decorate with markers.  Handprint crab t-shirts for the kids to wear.

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