Saturday, July 30, 2011

Teacher Essentials

I purchased a craft/bead box and filled it with teacher essentials for our 1st grade teacher's beginning of the year present.  The items included were: sequins, wiggle eyes, magnets, push pins, paper clips, extra box dividers, binder clips, rubber bands, white out, mints, band aids, small magnetic stapler, glue sticks, super glue, sticky tack, adhesive magnet strips, "great job!" cards, mini sharpies, eraser, small post-it notes, page markers, and hand sanitizer. 
Then I used instructions and the apple template from July 2011 Family Fun magazine to decorate the cover.  I cut purple card stock to fit the top.  Then I made the apple by cutting different card stock and scrapbook papers into the apple, stem, accent, and leaf shapes from the template.  I glued these shapes on the purple card stock.  Then, I used stickers to add the teacher's name.  I covered all of this with contact paper to attach to the box and to protect the name and apple elements.

Next I wrapped the box (with some reward stickers underneath) in white tulle and knotted.  I added the boy and girl passes and tied a bow.  I can't wait to give this to our teacher!

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