Sunday, July 31, 2011

Balloon Topiaries

Someone I know on Facebook was tagged in a picture of an adorable balloon topiary, so I went searching the internet to find instructions on how to make one.  I used instructions from the P is for Party website and tweaked them to look like the Facebook picture I had seen.  They turned out so cute!  They will be perfect for the Back to School Water Balloon party but would be cute at many kinds of parties!

Supplies Needed: pot or other container for bottom, styrofoam block to fit inside container, 3 colorful sheets of tissue paper, 18" dowel or plant stake, ribbon, 5" styrofoam ball, glass beads (or something to add weight), 2 packs of greening pins, 100 12" balloons, 100 9" balloons, and 100 7" balloons.

Instructions: Wrap 3 colorful sheets of tissue paper around styrofoam block and insert into container.  Hot glue ribbon as you wrap it around the dowel, leaving a few inches without ribbon at the top and bottom.  Insert dowel into styrofoam block in container.  Push styrofoam ball into top of dowel.  Tie 2 pieces of ribbon in a knot at the base of the styrofoam ball.  Put glass beads (or something to add weight) on top of styrofoam block in container and conceal with tissue paper.  Now to add balloons!  Tie a 12" balloon around the greening pin to help hide it.  Behind the 12" balloon, put a 7" balloon and a 9" balloon.  Push greening pin into ball.  Repeat over and over until styrofoam ball is completely covered.  Now you have an adorable decoration that could be color-coordinated to match any party!

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