Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tissue Paper Art Initials for Teachers

I made these initials for our teachers with the help of the kids!

I found these large wooden letters at Hobby Lobby.  I painted the backs and sides of the letters light pink (Americana Poodleskirt Pink acrylic paint).
The kids helped by making tissue paper art.  I gave them a 4x6" piece of white cardstock on top of a paper plate & paper towels.  The kids then placed tissue paper squares on the cardstock in whatever pattern they wanted.  Then, I sprayed the tissue paper with a mixture of half water and half vinegar.
Let the paper dry completely then peel off the tissue paper.  This results in cardstock with pretty pastel colors. (I found that the red, orange, and light pink tissue paper did not bleed onto the cardstock for some reason.  So, the cardstock was simply white where these colors were used.)  Here is the tissue paper cardstock we created:
Next, I cut all of the 4x6" cardstock into 6 2" cubes.  I brushed Mod Podge onto the front of the letter and onto the back of the cardstock cubes.  I placed the cubes all over the letter, not worrying about the edges.
I let this dry then used an X Acto knife to cut around the edges of the letter to trim off the excess cardstock.
I added another layer of Mod Podge over the top and let dry.  I glued pretty pink ribbon to the back of the letter to finish it off!I added the school name and year to the back of the letters as well.  These are so pretty and I loved that the kids had a part in making them!

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