Thursday, February 27, 2014

Valentine's Boxes

Both of my kids had to make boxes for their class Valentine's this year.  My third grader was supposed to do his best making a box that represented his favorite book.  My kindergartener was just supposed to make a simple box but wanted to go all out once he saw his brother's box!

My third grader made a Harry Potter Valentine's box (with lots of help from my Silhouette!).  He covered a round cake board in green wrapping paper.  Then, he covered a cereal box and 2 paper towel rolls in aluminum foil and attached them to the green cake board.  Next, he attached the shapes I had cut with my Silhouette (door, windows, flags, banners, cones, & castle top).  Then, he colored characters from the book, cut them out, and glued them onto the box.  Lastly, he drew a train track around the green cake board & glued down the "Hogwarts Express" train.  It turned out really awesome!  He loved it!

My kindergartener wanted a hunting themed Valentine's box (because that goes together SO well!)  I wrapped a shoe box in green wrapping paper.  Then, he attached his name and the deer with footprints shapes that I had cut out of camouflage paper on my Silhouette.  Next, he colored some hunting coloring pages for the sides, cut them out, & glued them on.  He also went on a nature hike and found sticks, rocks, & leaves that we glued to his box.  He was so proud of his box and couldn't wait to show it off!

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