Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ice Cream End of Year Party

We are having an End of the Year Ice Cream Party!!  We are going to make ice cream sundaes and play ice cream-themed games.  I know the kids will LOVE it!  Here's my plan:

  • Ice Cream Sundaes with chocolate, vanilla, and birthday cake ice cream plus lots of toppings!  (sprinkles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, cherries, crushed Oreos, crushed chocolate chip cookies, m&m's, whipped cream, & marshmallows).  Don't forget bowls, spoons, napkins, and drinks! 
  • I am going to have 5 stations for the kids to rotate through:
1. Making popsicle bookmarks.  I cut the popsicles out using my Silhouette and used "AntigoniBd" font for "Reading is SWEET!"  I cut many different colors for the back of the bookmark & white for the front of the bookmark.  The kids will pick what color they want on the back of the bookmark, attach the front and back together, decorate the white front side, and then attach a craft stick.

2. Playing cone popper game.  I got these poppers at Party City.  The kids will try to pop the ball into a bucket. 

3. Playing hot potato with a stuffed ice cream cone (ordered from AMAZON).

4. Playing pin the cherry on the ice cream cone.  I made this cone and ice cream with my Silhouette.  Then I laminated the pieces and attached them to a foam board.  I made cherries with my 1" circle punch and put a photo square on the back.  The kids will write their name on their cherry, get blindfolded, spin around, & then try to place the cherry on the top!  At the end, we'll be able to see who got the closest!

5. Playing balloon cone toss.  Make the cones with thin poster board.  Blow up balloons to fit inside.  The kids will throw the balloons to one another and try to catch the balloon in the cone.

  • At the end, we'll play Freeze Dance (get it, FREEZE?)
  • And, if I'm feeling brave & we have time, we'll play a game where the kids have to find a cherry buried in whipped cream with their hands behind their backs!  I think the pictures from this game would be so funny!  (P.S. we did play this game and it was SOOOO fun!  I got a plastic drop cloth to protect the floor but you probably want to check with your teacher before doing this one!  We lined up 4 desks and had 4 kids play at a time.  We put the cherry on a paper plate and covered it with whipped cream.  Then, the kids had to find the cherry without using their hands.  It was awesome!)
  • Kids' gifts:  "Hope your summer is sweet!" favor with ice cream chalk and candy (see POST HERE)
  • Teacher gifts:  We are having a mini baby shower at the End of the Year party for our teacher too!  We'll have a cake, small baby toys/gifts from everyone, and a book offering baby advice from the kids!  We are also giving her a gift card to a local mall that has a baby store and a Shutterfly photo book filled with pictures from throughout the year.  I think she'll love it all!
  • Each class is assigned a school extra (like a classroom aide, custodian, extra teacher...).  For her, we have a cooler filled with stuff for summer fun!  Things included are a beach towel, bookmarks, cute cup, lemonade, umbrella picks, bookmarks, mini fans, ice cream scoop, pool float, pedicure kit, sleep mask, flipflop tray, citronella candle, sunglass clip, headphones, shaped ice cubes, magazines, sunscreen, chapstick, and a koozie. 
I'm so excited to top the year off with a super fun party for these kiddos!!

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