Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of the Year Classmate Gifts

For my 4 year old's class, I got water shooters from the Dollar Tree, individual Kool-Aid packets, & crazy straws.  I put all 3 in a plastic gift bag, tied with aqua tulle, and attached a "Have a crazy 'kool' summer!" tag.  Cheap & fun!

For my 1st grader's class, I am doing 2 things.  The fun one is silly string from the Dollar Tree in a plastic gift bag, tied with aqua tulle, & a "Have a silly summer!" tag.  (I decided to tie them up in plastic gift bags in hopes of avoiding the kids spraying silly string all over the bus on the way home!)

The practical one is a Summer Reading & Writing Journal.  I made a cover page that said "_______'s Journal  Summer 2012", printed 3 Reading Journal pages, & then copied 50 Writing Journal pages.  You can download the Reading Journal pages and the Writing Journal pages.  I put all of this in a plastic 3 prong folder and added a pencil set.  Maybe this will keep them learning over the summer!

For the Kids Friday

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  1. Love the preschool gifts - this is exactly what I was thinking of doing for my boy's 4 year old preschool class, too! Love Dollar Tree. :)