Monday, November 21, 2011

Leaf Lanterns

The kids and I had fun making these festive Leaf Lanterns that I saw on Pinterest and adapted from 5 Orange Potatoes.  A couple of days before we made the lanterns, we collected leaves from the yard and put them in a book to press them.  Non-crispy leaves that have just fallen or are picked off the trees are best.  Also, the thin leaves worked better than the thick ones.

Leaves, pressed
Mason jars
Mod Podge with paintbrushes
Non-flame "candle" lights
Wax paper

Cover your work area with wax paper. 

Cut stems off of leaves if any.  Coat mason jar with Mod Podge glue using paintbrush. 

Press leaves onto jar.  If we had trouble getting the leaf to stick, we would also brush a coat of Mod Podge on the leaf too. 

Let dry completely. 

Coat the leaves and jar with more Mod Podge and let dry completely. 

Add the non-flame candles and you have safe Leaf Lanterns!

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