Friday, September 2, 2011

School Notes & Lunchbox Notes

These are the cutest notes for school!  And, they are practical too!  I've already used one this year!

Lunchbox notes are so fun and my child absolutely loves getting them!  Here is a great link with several websites with printable notes:  Or, make your own with some of these phrases:
I love you!
You're a great kid!
Enjoy your day!
Do your best!
You rock!
Be a good friend!
Work hard!
Enjoy your lunch!
You're a superstar!
Thinking of you!
Great job studying!
You're one cool kid!
Have a fun day!
Keep smiling!
You are awesome!
I can't wait to see you!
I hope you are having a great day!
Good luck on your test!

Jokes and holiday specific lunchbox notes are fun too!  Print some blank ones, so you can add a message that relates to their day!

I have printed out the school notes and lunchbox notes on cardstock and cut them out.  I keep them by our backpacks and lunchboxes, so it's easy to grab them and put them in.  Happy Noting!

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